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Make Your Business Better With Masterminds.

Make Your Business Better With Masterminds. We are here to help and provide value to you and your business.

A business is nothing other than the sum of thousands of tiny decisions, and each one of those decisions is critical to the success of your business. As a resource and a community, Masterminds exists to inspire, educate, and support entrepreneurs like you, in different stages of your journey. By providing comprehensive and reliable advice, resources, and tools, along with a supportive community, we’ll help you build, launch, and grow your online business.

As our world becomes more and more digitally oriented, everything from communication, commerce, marketing, and the information is migrating to the internet. We are embracing new technologies that transform the way we live our lives and simultaneously transform the way we think about business.

Be The Change To Inspire Change

With the invention of the Internet, we entered into the era of collective consciousness, where we perceive and communicate information globally. The speed our world develops today puts entrepreneurs into the position of a never-ending struggle of building, changing and scaling a company. The only problem that comes with making effective decisions about change is getting the right information.

For that reason, we would like to share with you the best of what other thought pioneers, creators and growth experts have already figured out.


Make Your Business Better With Masterminds

The formula to success is really simple. The journey required to attain success is by no means easy. Developing yourself as a person on the path to entrepreneurship is critical for long-term success. More importantly, the kind of person you become, the character you build and the courage you develop in the process is far more important than the success itself.

Below is our manifesto. We use it in both, our personal and professional lives to guide the decisions we make. That way we’re consistently improving and challenging ourselves to be better.

As we’ve always said, a business is the sum of one, a hundred, and then a thousand different decisions. Our manifesto helps us to make the best decisions for ourselves and our businesses by reminding us of what’s truly important.


We hope you’ll use this manifesto to make the best decisions for yourself. It may help you define your character on your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re making your first or thousandth decision for your business, use manifesto as a guide to challenge yourself every day.

    You can adjust your current path or change paths altogether as your situation and journey dictate. Above all else, just start something.
    The secret to success is progress. If you can make progress on a consistent basis you’ll constantly be moving toward success.
    Miscalculations, bad decisions, smarter competitors and market shifts are all acceptable ways to fail on your journey. You never want to fail because you didn’t work hard enough.
    Every failure is a step forward. Every time you fail you have the opportunity to learn something and ease the anxiety when you do it again. That’s progress in every sense of the word.
    Take responsibility for yourself, your choices, your attitude, your actions, and your reactions. It’s one thing you’ll always have control over.
    Every day you’ll face new challenges, closed doors, limiting barriers and seemingly insurmountable odds. Figure it out.
    The easy choices, much like the easy paths, rarely lead you on interesting journeys or to the right destinations. Make the difficult choices and make them often.

Urh Meza

Even as a kid, I was always curious. The waves of euphoric exploration on the newly-discovered topic carry me deeper into the ocean of knowledge. But knowledge means nothing if it's never put into practice. Through many years of research and testing, I have become an expert digital marketer, specialized in creating new ways to capture the attention of a target audience. I hope that my experiences will bring value to your work and life. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I would love to get to know you better.

Jan Meza

When I first started to create, I discovered a never-ending field of tools, each offering its own range of possibilities for digital creativity. Since then most of my energy and time flows to learning and perfecting my content creating skills. Through the startup projects, I made many mistakes at these fields, learned all from design, video-editing to photography tools and now, I would like to share my experiences, tips & tricks with you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


With an increasing number of photographers, filmmakers, and photo studios we have met over the years of traveling, we have seen that there is an increasing interest in photography among the everyday amateur photographers. It has become extremely easy to produce a high quality looking picture with everyday tools most of us already own. That is why we have decided to guide people towards improving their everyday photography. With tips and tricks and some affordable equipment, you will be able to create amazing photos to share with the world.

Spiritual Warrior

We are a team of spiritual warriors with different knowledge and experience background. The power of connecting and sharing our life-view with others led us to realize that personal growth means growth in every part of our lives. Our mission is to provide guidance on the path of self-exploration. Through the connection of up-to-date science supported findings with knowledge from different cultures and philosophies, we wish to help people find their place and purpose.

Team Masterminds

Masterminds exists to inspire, educate, and support entrepreneurs like you, in different stages of your journey. By providing comprehensive and reliable advice, resources, and tools, along with a supportive community, we’ll help you build, launch, and grow your online business.