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Most Important Photography Gear Is Free


The Most Important Photography Gear Is Free When You Truly Create

Edwin Land, the co-founder of Polaroid, said: “An important part of creativity isn’t being afraid to fail.”

I would like to inform you that an important part of becoming a photographer is not being afraid to be creative. In fact, all the photography gear and the most expensive cameras in the world won’t do you much good if you’re lacking creativity. Creativity is essential.

The use of the imagination or initial thoughts, especially in the production of an artistic work.


Creativity does not look like everybody else’s photographs. It does not fit in a box. It is not a Photoshop action or a preset. Creativity happens between our ears, it can be either inherent or learned (something you’re born with). In case you do not utilize it, whether or not you’ve been born with the gift of imagination it is possible to lose it. I really believe that the most important photography gear is free when you truly create and if anything I hope I will be able to inspire you to try to create something “unique and crazy”.

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There’s no science in imagination. You won’t innovate if you do not give your room to fail.

Bob Iger (CEO of the Walt Disney Co.)

Most Important Photography Gear
The Most Important Photography Gear Is Free If You Foster Creativity. It happens between our ears, it can be either inherent or learned (something you’re born with).


How To Foster Creativity

Since the quotation above explains, there’s absolutely no real science to creativity so I believe the best way to develop and preserve creativity is to immerse yourself in it. If you examine creativity long enough you’ll recognize a recurring motive… Acceptance of failure.

One of the most creative people in history had this amazing ability to ignore their fear of failure and embrace the odd. Are you sharing and producing pictures that are you or push the envelope creating images that seem like all others?

Most Important Photography Gear
Creative use of the perspective in photography. The Most Important Photography Gear Is Free If You Foster Creativity.


Here are a couple of exercises to help you stretch your muscles and create some fantastic shots:

Research The Ordinary

Odd right? Here we are talking about laughing in fears face and producing beyond the box and my initial suggestion is to learn more about the ordinary. Here’s the thing, if you explore. When you capture the picture with the right light and turn it on its side, good thing will happen. But first, you have to find them.

Creativity is putting your creativity to operate, and it’s produced the most remarkable benefits in human civilization.

Sir Ken Robinson

Instead of studying something and answering the question of “What’s it?” Attempt to observe the world around you with all the query “What could it be?”. And You don’t need an expensive equipment to practice your creative skills. We have amazing gear in our pockets but we don’t take enough time to get to know it. Take a look at 5 Tips To Become A Great Mobile Photographer.

Fearlessly Create

I have been really blessed to work with some of the most creative art companies in the world and I am so thankful they put up with my “thoughts” emails. I am always working on new ideas, compelling what could be done with a camera every chance I get, and when something resonates with me I shall put together a “thought” email and take it off to one, some, or all of the art consultants I use to see what they believe.

Most of them are honest and for each idea they enjoy about five thoughts fall flat. Lately, I have never had anyone say “stop sending me these ideas”… In reality, I have had quite the opposite response from some of them.

Most Important Photography Gear
It can be scary to share your ideas with the world. I recommend you to develop a thick skin and don’t look at others opinion. The Most Important Photography Gear Is Free If You Foster Creativity.


My point is that it can be somewhat scary to share the ideas that form from the deep dark creative space between our ears.

It is quite a vulnerable thing to do if you think about it. So you need to make thick or thin skin, a determination? Each time someone criticizes your attempts or shoots down your thought, are you really going to be thin-skinned and get a bruised ego?

Or are you going to have a thick skin and take criticism as fodder for inspiration to continue to push till you can not push anymore? I vote for produce and leave out yourself there. It is so much better to fail than to never try in any way. Do not live half a life.

Searching for Meaning In Life

If you want to take a look at another amazing article that expands on the topic of The Meaning Of Life From an Entrepreneurial perspective, I really recommend it. You do not have to do the same thing as me, it doesn’t matter if you shoot professionally or not. My “thought” emails’ equal is to just publish your creative jobs to social media, opening yourself up to other people remarks.  

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Consume Vs. Produce

To swallow, simply put, to take in what other musicians, photographers, writers, etc. do, while creating, it’s essential. Anytime you catch your camera, post-edit something, write something, draw something, etc., you’re generating. It is vital that you practice both. One without the other is equivalent to treading water.

If you’re the kind that learns with analogies then try this: Consumption is similar to exercising while generating is comparable with the muscles you’ve built from working out. It’s important that during the ingestion phase you are consuming your own work. For some, it may be tempting to read your own press clippings and appreciate your very own preferred photographs but this won’t help you grow your imagination (in fact, it’s a fast way to plateau).


Most Important Photography Gear
Look at what other great masterminds do and try to make it better! The Most Important Photography Gear Is Free If You Foster Creativity.


The Most Important Photography Gear Is Free – Conclusion

Stress is natural when trying to be creative. It can’t be bought and you can’t steal it from others. The list above is a very abbreviated list of all the different things that you can do in order to foster a healthy creativity in photography (or some other subject). I really hope it will bring value and inspire you to create something unique. If it did please send me some of your work! Would love to take a look at the things that article “The Most Important Photography Gear Is Free” inspired you to create.

If you want to create with Masterminds community and write about your passion, we would love to hear your ideas!


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